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Welcome to my website, where I hope you’ll enjoy your stay. Here you’ll find a collection of stories, one-shots, and rambling notes. You’ll find artwork given to me by amazing artists everywhere, and you’ll find out things about me you probably don’t care to know.

Too bad.

This is for fun, not for profit, and my happy place. So please: read, procrastinate, eat cookies and read some more.

No one said I was going to be a good role model.



Want updates to posts on this website? It’s easy! Simply enter your email address on the right-hand sidebar, and click¬†Notify Me, Witchy.

Now if only receiving the answers to all of my midterms were that simple.


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Respect is key. Don’t be a tool.


48 thoughts on “Welcome to Witchy’s

  1. The site looks great! I’ll have to take a look around and get adjusted with the way it works and all. This is so exciting! :D

  2. Hello! :) I finally found it! I’m so happy for you, I can’t wait to read Truthful Liar haha, I really like the site :)

    See ya!

    • Thank you dear! I hope you enjoy it! I’m sorry it got taken down – my swearing is ridiculous *le sigh*

  3. Yay~ It’s finally here! :D Can’t wait to start reading your stuff here~ Liking what I see so far (I mean, the web design. Liking the stories is a given in my case). ;)

    • AW you’re amazing. I’m glad you like the layout, I just wanted it…easy, you know? The less I have to fear and tweak, the better. I’m an unfortunate perfectionist and the slightest thing irks me, so simple is fantastic. I’m happy you agree :)

  4. YAY! I’m so glad I don’t have to worry about FF taking your stories down! I’ll be keeping up with you, best be sure of that. Love you lady! :P

    • So I’ve realized there’s another Savannah commenting on your blog.. oh noes. But I’m sure you’ll know who I am ;) MSN me damnit!

      • It’s okay, I’ll always know it’s you darling :)
        So, I deleted my msn so long ago. But I’m getting it back because I may be doing so collab work with another author so I will message you fo shoo ;)

  5. Whoo hoo!!!! ;)

    I’m so happy you got a website! Now I can actually recieve accurate updates on ALL of your stories!

  6. Finally a place to read all your stuff without having to worry about you deleting it because of the filters. soon all the GOOD authors will follow you and make a big net. Can’t wait to read more!

  7. Looked forward to more Witchy-ness for a long time. Glad you’re still writing brilliantly!! :D I’m going to read aaaaaall your new posts now.. after work.. when I come back.. but I SURE WILL!

  8. Wow, the site is great! I think it’s amazing that you made your own website to post up what you love to do and share it to the world. Very ambitious. I like it and truly respect you. :D

    • Well thanks a lot. I hope the site works out! I’m sure once I’m working and out of school there will be SO MUCH more to go on. I’m working on it still, but I’m glad you like it :)

  9. I followed you over to your website after reading your author page. I feel that ff.net policy enforcement came a little too late. iI feel it would probably be easier just to add a higher rating system…anywhozzle, glad to be here and shall continue to read your awesome work!! You are honestly the only Inu/Kag shipper I read actively though so I just in case you made a permanent switch over, I wanted to make sure I could find your work again!! Thanks for your time and dedication.

    • Apparently, this is not the first time FFN has done the “M+ cleanse”. It happened before to other authors, who up and left and made their own websites. They were the people I talked to for information on next steps for my own website.

      No dear, thank YOU for being so sweet. I hope you enjoy what’s on here!

  10. Love your stories! (or at least all the ones I’ve read) Can’t believe How to Kill Me is pretty much done! Anyway, bout the countdown thing freedom of what? Just a little confused/curious.

    • Thank you so much :)

      The countdown was mentioned in my blog post! Basically, it’s around the time I graduate, and thusly, will not have school destroying my time and ability to write!

  11. I like your site…. I take it you like inuyasha? I do to. And you are good at writing. My friend has written some stuff that is similar to yours. But yours is WAYY BETER.

    • Hi dear! As I mentioned on the other comment, I only write Inuyasha, not read it. I’m heavy into many, many fandoms. I write other works too but don’t post those online (or I post under other pennames because the works are so completely different).

      I’m glad you like my stories! That’s nice to hear. Don’t tell your friend that! But thank you very much :)

  12. Just discovered you on ff and wanted to say that I love your stories! (currently binging on them) so glad you have a website thats free to the public! Keep up the good work, you’re inspiring as a writer :)

  13. Hello, Witchy! Its one of your lovelies fan :)

    I just read You’ve Got Mail then Loyal Traitor and to be honest here, I don’t usually read AU but yours changed my mind.. Just wow.. Can’t stop reading it till the end.. And I just have to read more and more and more.. And I love how you characterized Inuyasha and everyone else.
    I dunno when you said you sometimes wrote a little OOC, but I found everything is in a good dose..

    I looooooooooooooooove your fanfic very much.. I’m hooked. Addicted to it.
    I just found you on ffn like few days ago and I just have to tell you how I cannot live without your writings :’) so here I am, 2 am in the morning, looked up at your profile and writing here.. *giggle*

    Oh Witchy, you are so awesome. I hope it’s not too much to ask, but please keep writing..
    Because your writing is so good.

    And thank you so much for writing and sharing all of your lovely stories with us.

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