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Welcome to my website, where I hope you’ll enjoy your stay. Here you’ll find a collection of stories, one-shots, and rambling notes. You’ll find artwork given to me by amazing artists everywhere, and you’ll find out things about me you probably don’t care to know.

Too bad.

This is for fun, not for profit, and my happy place. So please: read, procrastinate, eat cookies and read some more.

No one said I was going to be a good role model.



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Now if only receiving the answers to all of my midterms were that simple.


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50 thoughts on “Welcome to Witchy’s

  1. Your fics are amazing. I’ve read every single one and they still make me cry/happy/sorrowful/angry/relaxed/laugh/etc. Girl, update soon please? PS!

    I have Inuyasha fic to on Inuyasha-Fiction and my Deviantart through poetry! You inspire me!

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